Project Management for Human Beings

Projectlab is designed around how people naturally use software to free you up to concentrate on the things that matter most. We put people and social interaction first and do not come between you and your work.

Projectlab offers interactive boards, file sharing and storage, events, messages, time tracking, tagging, and project analytics. Projectlab enables your team to spend less time on project management and more time on creating awesome things.




Projectlab is social at its core. It is designed by combining social interaction with best project management practices. Each project, task, and meeting offers multiple ways for teams to socialize with each other and interact.

Distributed Teams

In a world where everything happens online, Projectlab offers distributed teams the ability to stay connected and up-to-date in the same way colleagues in an office would.

Clear Communication

Communication is essential to the successful completion of any project. Projectlab offers multiple ways of communicating with team members across projects and tasks. Activity feeds provide visibility into what is happening in your organization and enable teams discuss and collaborate.


If it takes more than a few clicks to figure an application out, your time is being wasted. So, we designed Projectlab to minimize the number of clicks to get something done.


Learning new software can be difficult and time consuming, but with Projectlab the interface is friendly and intuitive. There is no need to take trainings or spend hours figuring it out. You will feel right at home immediately. Projectlab is based on an understanding of how people best interact with technology.


There is no reason to be bored or frustrated by your project management application. A natural flow and social environment ensures that using Projectlab will be interesting and engaging for your team. Gone are the days of spreadsheet updates and hard-to-use applications.


Projectlab provides a means of open communication and progress transparency that helps keep everyone up-to-date and informed.


Maintain full visibility on all your projects and easily find the features you need.

Feature Packed

All the features you need in one place. Manage projects and tasks, schedule meetings, track time, and share files.


Projectlab provides the space and features needed to organize your work and focus on specific tasks or groups of tasks. Use the activity feeds in each task to discuss and share information.


Create boards to group like tasks together and use tags to organized by department or project type. Add people from your company and create detailed profiles that list team members roles, skills and contact information.



5 users or less



250MB storage/user


First 5 users are free


User/month for additional users

2GB storage/user


First 5 users are free


User/month for additional users

5GB storage/user


First 5 users are free


User/month for additional users

10GB storage/user

Pricing excludes any applicable tax.


Live training

Projectlab offers free live training and onboarding for your team. Schedule a live training session.


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